Portable Car Heaters – What’s the best for you?

Helping you select the best value Portable Car Heaters available.

portable car heaterPortable Car Heaters are useful gadgets in clearing up your windshields and to keep people warm inside the car during winters and cold lonely nights. These portable auto heaters give off warm air immediately while waiting for the car’s heating system to give off warm air which usually takes a time or two. With these types of heaters available in the market, the days of enduring freezing temperature every morning as you drive to your place of work or an errand has long been gone.

Most portable car heaters are designed to be plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter power source which makes it very easy and accessible to use. With the correct length of the cord, you can extend these portable auto heaters to any part of the car’s interior with ease. They can easily be move around the car for whatever purpose you may want them to have. The good things about these heaters are that they are flexible and versatile to use.

Get Warm Fast with these Car Heaters!

There are many ways to keep you warm fast in your car during cold seasons. Most popular are the 12v portable car heaters but there are other options that you can have like travel blankets  as categorized below whichever you prefer. Plus an added overview on some car engine heaters in cases where its your engine that needs immediate warming during cold months which can sometime have difficulty in starting up.

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Portable Car Heaters

Portable car heaters are easy to install. You can hook it in the dashboard or have it attached to the backseat. There are even models that use suction cups to stick them on any flat surface. Some of these car heaters are equipped with built in fans to ensure comfort the whole year round.

portable car heaterAlthough not all experienced winter months, but those who are affected usually have cold days and freezing nights. Having a portable car heater or an alternative is really one great advantage for travels to and from your homes during these days to have a warm and comfortable temperature inside the car.

When you go looking for a portable auto heater  to buy or any other options for that matter, check out its user reviews and know the cautionary measures you need to do when using the heater. One general safety tip that applies to all car heaters is that they should not be placed near combustible objects. This is because the energy used by heaters is usually flammable and placing them near materials that burns may cause fire and explosions.

Having a portable car heater could make a big difference in having a warm and comfortable car interior during the cold season.

Electric Car Blankets

electric car blanketsMore often than not, there are people that prefer to be warmer than others. And this cause frequent requests to adjust the settings of the car heater systems which would be detrimental to the heater and more expensive in the long run. An effective solution to this predicament is the use of 12 volt electric travel blankets. In this way, each passenger can have their own and adjust the heat to their own preference. It comes with power cords that is compatible to the car’s 12 volt power source. These blankets heat up easily and can keep passengers comfortable while waiting for the car to start.

Car travel blankets are proven to be perfect alternatives to the portable car heater in keeping the car’s interior warm.

Engine Block Heaters

engine block heaterIn case that it’s your engine that needs warming up, you need car engine block heaters instead. Exposure to cold temperatures for a long period of time very often makes engines very difficult to start. At very low temperature, the engine oil and coolant becomes sticky and will be make the crankshaft very hard to turn during start up. Repeated cold starts could also be damaging to internal engine parts which would be very expensive to repair.

To avoid this problem, engine block heaters are used to keep the engine warm and always in good condition whenever you want to use the car. They are usually powered from an AC outlet and generate warmth to your engine. Some are designed to keep the engine coolant at normal viscosity and some are designed to keep the motor oil at peak condition which promotes faster start up and less engine wear.

If you plan purchasing one though, we recommend for you to refer to a car mechanic to determine  what kind of engine block heater  really fits your needs.Like the portable car heater, you need to find out what specific requirements do you need in order to find the best one for you.



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