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portable-car-heaterPortable car heaters are useful gadgets in clearing up your windshields and to keep people warm inside the car during winters and cold lonely nights. These portable auto heaters give off warm air immediately while waiting for the car’s heating system to give off the necessary heat which usually takes a time or two.

With these types of heaters available in the market, the days of enduring freezing temperature every morning as you drive to your place of work or an errand has long been gone.

Most portable car heaters are designed to be plugged into the cigarette lighter power source which makes it very easy and accessible to use. With the correct end of the cord, you can extend these portable auto heaters to any part of the car’s interior with ease. They can easily be moved around the car for whatever purpose you may want them to have. The good thing about these heaters is that they are flexible and versatile to use.

Portable car heaters are easy to install. You can hook it in the dashboard or have it attached in the backseat. There are even models that use suction cups to stick them on any flat surface. Some of these car heaters are equipped with built in fans to ensure comfort the whole year round.

Get Warm Fast with these portable heaters
There are many ways to keep you warm fast in your car during cold seasons. Most popular are the 12V portable car heaters but there are other options that you can have, like travel blankets, heated car seat cushions categorized as below whichever you prefer. There are also overviews on car engine block heaters and magnetic heaters if ever it is your car engine that needs immediate heating during cold winter months which can sometimes have difficulty starting up.

Heated Travel Blankets
Another option to keep you warm in your car is the use of heated car travel blankets. Whether for emergency or extra comfort, these electric blankets are just what you need against the onslaught of cold air. These come with various styles and are very useful for chilled passengers who cannot tolerate too much cold from the existing car air conditioning unit. Some are large enough to accommodate two people to warm up a seat or two. Designed for comfort and safety, there are travel blankets that that can turn off the heat automatically every 30 or 45 minutes to prevent being overheated.

Engine block heaters

Engine heater is an indispensable device in very cold areas for a quick engine start.There are those that are directly connected to the engine core block and there are others that can be connected to the coolant. The former can be clamped in the underside of the oil pan to keep the engine warm enough to start it without being damaged.It provides sufficient warmth for the necessary oil viscosity to start the engine despite extreme cold weather. The latter operates by directly submerging it into the coolant and heating the block providing the same purpose of quick engine start up.

These devices are designed for convenience, reliability with little mechanical installation. They are very easy to use and install. Just put it in, plug it and you are ready to hit the road early next morning.A timer can be used with any of these heaters, so that it does not have to be left on all the time. This can very much lessen the electrical costs incurred of using a block heater.

On top of it all,starting a pre-heated engine is more environmental friendly than starting a cold engine. Cold engine start up generates 50 to 100 times greenhouse gas emissions which is a contributor of the current global warming crisis. Indeed, engine block heaters are of great help during cold months.

Heated Car Seat Cushion

Another way of heating your butt off in extreme weather condition is having a heated car seat cushion.You can enjoy a warm and comfortable car rides with these lightweight heated cushions.

Powered by your car’s 12 Volt cigarette lighter, you can drive in luxurious warmth the moment you get in your car using this easy to install device. The straps and hooks secure the car seat cushion in position so that they don’t unnecessarily move when you get in and out of the car. This is really a welcome addition to your car’s luxury, perfect for cold weather condition, winter or an evening drive.

Heated seat cushions warm up immediately and is very relaxing. Having a heated seat in your car is really a welcome addition that helps relax your back muscles and improve blood circulation in cold long drives. Hence, you are no longer limited to restricting your car trips during summer times but also during winters as well.

One word of caution though – if you have two cigarette lighters in your car, it is higly recommended to plug this device to the one connected to the ignition. Otherwise, it will just drain out your battery because it will not shut off unless you turn it off.

These portable car heater devices are definitely recommended to anyone who dislikes sitting on a cold car seat.