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“Helping you select the best value portable car heaters available. Portable car heaters are useful gadgets in clearing up your windshields and to keep people warm inside the car during winters and cold lonely nights.There are many ways to keep you warm fast in your car during cold seasons. Most popular are the 12-volt portable car heaters but there are other auxiliary car heater options that you can have like travel blankets, car seat cushions to supplement the warmth in your car interior for a comfortable ride or even car engine block heaters for a quick engine start up if ever it is your car engine that needs immediate heating during cold winter months which can sometimes have difficulty starting up.”

Get Warm Fast with these Portable Heaters
Best Portable Car Heaters
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Heated Car Seat Cushions
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Electric Travel Blankets
Engine Block Heaters
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Welcome to Portable Car Heater World, your home for maximum car comfort. We are glad to help you select the best value portable car heaters in the market you could possibly want that fit for your needs. Start browsing now and enjoy your day.

You can see our unbiased reviews,  top recommendations basing from user experience and supplementary articles to guide you in making the best decision before buying auxiliary car heaters such as portable car heaters, defrosters, heated travel blankets, magnetic engine heaters, heated car seat cushions and the like for quick window defrosting and added warmth for comfort.

car-heaterThese portable auto heaters give off warm air immediately while waiting for the car’s heating system to give off the necessary heat which usually takes a time or two. With these types of heaters available in the market, the days of enduring freezing temperature every morning as you drive to your place of work or an errand has long been gone.

Most portable car heaters are designed to be plugged into the cigarette lighter power source which makes it very easy and accessible to use. With the correct end of the cord, you can extend these portable auto heaters to any part of the car’s interior with ease. They can easily be moved around the car for whatever purpose you may want them to have. The good thing about these heaters is that they are flexible and versatile to use.

Portable Car Heaters

portable-car-heaterPortable car heaters are easy to install.  There are increasing numbers of well-designed products in the market today and becoming more affordable. They can either be the windshield defroster types or for the overall added warmth for your car interior.

Living in high places where regular ice storms freezes up your windshields, you need one with high defrosting power. You can hook it in the dashboard or have it attached in the backseat.

There are  models that use suction cups to stick them on any flat surface and there are those that have clips for the dashboards.  Some of these car heaters are equipped with built in fans to ensure comfort the whole year round. The size and shape of the heater are important considerations in looking the best heater for your car. You also need to take into account the mobility of the heater for its proper placement.

As you can see, you need to consider many things before buying one suited for your wants.

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Heated Travel Blankets

electric heated travel blanketAnother option to keep you warm in your car is the use of heated car travel blankets. Whether for emergency or extra comfort, these electric blankets are just what you need against the onslaught of cold air. These come with various styles and are very useful for chilled passengers who cannot tolerate too much cold from the existing car air conditioning unit.

Some are large enough to accommodate two people to warm up a seat or two. Designed for comfort and safety, there are travel blankets that that can turn off the heat automatically every 30 or 45 minutes to prevent being overheated.

These travel blankets are easily folded in its zippered bag and easily kept in a small space for storage. You can plug it into your lighter socket and fell the warmth emanating from it. They usually have long power cords so that you can use it anywhere in your car. These heated travel blankets are really life savers especially when kids are around sleeping in the backseat. These electric blankets can be used as normal blankets in case the surrounding warmth is enough.

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Electric Car Seat Cushions

heated-car-seat-cushions_These electric car heat cushions is another important auxiliary car heater that supplement heat to the back during cold weathers. These car seat cushions have thermo-sensitive parts which radiate heat while others have added  vibrating massage features for instant relief from back pains. The heat emanating from the electric car seat cushions  ease back pains anytime enjoying a warm comfortable ride.

Some car seat cushions are sculpted to perfectly fit the butt and can be used in all kinds of car seats. These cushions are specially engineered to maintain good posture supporting the entire back and butt for a comfortable long ride. There are also those which are shaped like wedges to add up extra height for clearer visibility especially those old cars whose seats have settled in. Recent designs shows some car seat cushions having automatic shut off systems to avoid overheating.

Whatever you choose, these car seat cushions will provide you with a comfortable healthy ride.

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Magnetic Engine Block heaters

Magnetic engine block heaters is a a very helpful device to help your engine starts with ease in cold weather. There are engine block heaters that can be used in the engine block itself or in the oil pan or in the or any metal fluid tank that you may want heated. By warming the engine before a cold start, makes your engine’s life longer. These heaters can be plugged in any standard electrical outlet , or with a timer or a temperature triggered outlet.



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